This article is about the youngest health science personality who established an instance in the world of health science. Dr. Sinchan Das, an Indian genius of health science world who is fighting against all the prevailing practices of health sciences which are responsible for the development of these disease pillars. But as Dr. Das said, the main problem of the society is the mentality of the peoples, because a dangerous trend is to passing comments whimsically without proper knowledge regarding any treatment or doctor or disease which play an important role to miss guide the persons. He said he is the witness of these mentality where patients had said to him that several persons had miss guided them regarding the treatment of homoeopathy, i.e. homoeopathy does not work, Homoeopathic medicines are hopeless, Homoeopathy is slow in working, Homoeopathy aggravates the conditions at first then relieves etc blah blah blah. But he had showed many evidences stating that these comments are absolutely worthless. We asked his some patients who was under the treatment of the modern medicine for a considerable period of time, but they had failed to relieve their suffering, among which several cases like Psoriasis, Diabetis mellitus- II, Gilbert’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Oral cancer, Cardiomyopathy etc.



Dr. Sinchan Das is a personality devoted for the betterment of the world. His extra-ordinary talent and profound knowledge made him an idol for the suffering world.      Dr. Sinchan Das hit on the root of the prevailing practices of medical science with his axe of truth and scientific explanation. The issues he pointed out are not anything uncommon or tough to understand but is a matter of angle of observation. Dr. Das had explained the cause responsible for this uncontrollable disease pillars. He explained that, disease which thought to be an individual entity not related to the patient’s state or lifestyle and the medical science commonly segregated in several parts under the umbrella of different logies, this tendency or understanding is incorrect. He had showed with evidence that diseases are the picture which was stored in our gene since birth, whatever may be the suffering acute or chronic or whatever may be the cause of affection. This underlying picture will be detected from the posture, gesture, habits, physical appearance, mode of thinking, family history etc of the patient. He showed unscientific administration of drugs in a whimsical manner, lack of proper knowledge of the society and excessive dependence upon laboratory investigatory procedures are three main influencing factors responsible for the development of these mountains of sickness.



Although he is a homoeopathic physician, but had profound hold over the each sectors of the medical science. Dr. Robert Brown, the renowned Geneticist from United Kingdom told that, “Dr. Sinchan Das is a wonder boy of this earth, who made us proud and enriched.” Dr. Sinchan Das shared a few experiences of his practice life, which denoted the dark part of the human behaviors where a manager of a reputed bank, who was a student of Chemistry in his graduation passed boldly the comments that Homoeopathy can not treat serious conditions like Epilepsy, because he know from his knowledge that it is unable to perform the desired effect, but Dr. Das preserved the copies of the documents of the patient, i.e. manager’s son, which clearly showed about the improvement of the condition. The patient got attacked in roughly at the interval of 15 days to 1 month, but after taking Cicuta virosa 30 for 1 month he is still not attacked by the epileptiform seizure from last 3 to 4 months. Another case is of a patient of Pneumonia in a 83 years old woman who was cured by the Pulsatilla 30 and still free form any respiratory abnormality, but his son an employee of Indian Railways, announced that she was not the victim of pneumonia and when Dr. Das said to the party that she might be suffering from Renal disorder, as her blood pressure is not controlled by Telmisartan 40 mg,and Amlodipine 5 conjointly, but the patient’s son denied due to unknown cause, as the criteria does not match his knowledge. Dr. Asish Singhania, renowned nephrologist of USA told that “continuous maintenance of such a high pressure is an important sign of renal impairment of a grave state”.



It is very dangerous trend which have to stop immediately and permanently, because otherwise the scenario remain unchanged even after this extent of noble effort.  Prof. David Blakemann said, “It is our duty to save him like a precious gem, because he is the idol of purity and truth. Whoever may be the person trying to deranged him from his path has to be punished. Because no one have the right to insult a saviour of mankind in any form.”


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